KrioSystem: Polish cryogenic pioneer at the heart of CERN

Thanks to the contract signed with the Polish company KrioSystem, the European research laboratory CERN, where the largest and most powerful particle accelerator operates, will be equipped with modern cryogenic distribution lines.


KrioSystem and CERN

KrioSystem is a leading European engineering company with over 30 years of experience, implementing complex deliveries of low-temperature systems for industry, science and medicine. The company specializes in advanced cryogenic technologies. Under the contract with CERN, it will deliver two cryogenic distribution lines.


Thanks to the crab chambers, the protons that would normally move straight are deflected slightly sideways and begin to move in a way that resembles the movement of a crab, hence the name "crab chambers". This allows more protons to collide with each other, allowing scientists to collect more data.

Growth through scientific partnerships

For KrioSystem, it is not only an opportunity to work with the world's scientific elite, but also a chance to develop it's own technical competences. This is an important step for the Polish company, which is becoming a key player on the global market of cryogenic technologies. By participating in one of the most advanced scientific projects in the world, KrioSystem shapes the future of science and strengthens its position as an industry leader.


Influence on the world of science

A large part of the experiments that help to explore the mysteries of the universe are carried out at CERN and could not exist without cryogenic technologies that ensure extremely low temperatures.

The Polish company KrioSystem provides key solutions in this area, which makes a significant contribution to the development of global science. 

We would like to express our pride in Polish technical thought and congratulate our Pioneers!

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Project funding: the project entitled. "Great Science for Polish Innovation," project registration number: NdS/543816/2022/2022 funded by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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