FORMAT - Polish technology for global development

FORMAT is a Polish company that provides advanced technological solutions for the most prestigious scientific institutions in the world.
The group of the company's clients is wide - from government agencies, through educational institutions, to enterprises and technology enthusiasts. For FORMAT, each client is unique, that is why the company does not mass-produce universal products. Instead they create individual solutions tailored to the specific, individual needs of each recipient




Recently, FORMAT reached another milestone by providing server rooms for CERN. It is worth mentioning here that some of these devices were deposited at Świerk IT Center in Otwock, Poland. 

The server system consists of over 4,000 servers. FORMAT was responsible for designing, configuring, testing and delivering the servers. In the years 2018 - 2022, it delivered over 100,000 computing cores and over 60 petabytes of disk space on time. The requirements set in the orders concerned not only computing performance but also the purchase price and maintenance costs.

CERN is a place where scientists from all over the world join forces to explore the mysteries of the universe. The CERN data center processes one petabyte (million gigabytes) of data every day. It's like reading 20 billion books a day! All this to enable scientists from around the globe to access information from the Large Hadron Collider in almost real time.


As a curiosity, we would like to add that CERN is not only about scientific research that is abstract for most of people. For example the World Wide Web was found in CERN in 1989, thanks to the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee, which is the basis of the Internet as we know it today. 





Format company therefore plays a key role in one of the most prestigious and complex computing environments in the world. The server rooms and computer systems provided by the company meet the highest standards of reliability and efficiency, guaranteeing speed, stability and security. Its impact on global development is invaluable.


FORMAT's success is a proof that in Poland we have both the knowledge and skills that allow us to create technologically advanced solutions that contribute to the most important scientific discoveries of our time.

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Project funding: the project entitled. "Great Science for Polish Innovation," project registration number: NdS/543816/2022/2022 funded by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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