Creotech Instruments S.A.: Polish Technological Company on the Global Science Arena

Have you ever wondered what kind of innovations drive major scientific discoveries and what technologies secure research at the world's largest particle physics laboratory, CERN?


We are please to announce, that behind many of them there is a Polish company - Creotech Instruments S.A.!



Creotech Instruments S.A. company was founded as a result of cooperation of Polish groups who combined their skills to create something unique. Thanks to its innovative solutions in the field of measuring electronics, the company has gained international recognition. Constantly developing competences in the design and assembly of reliable electronics, Creotech has become one of the industry leaders and its products are supplied by the highest prestigious scientific institutions around the world.


Recently, the company has completed significant deliveries for the state-of-the-art ELI science center in the Czech Republic and for the Sirius synchrotron in Brazil. The contract value was over 3.5 million PLN.




Creotech's latest achievement is the implementation of an order for the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN. The products delivered to Switzerland were developed as part of the HETMAN project.

Furthermore, Creotech was the first company in this part of Europe to obtain the status of a CERN competence center. This opens the door to applying for engineering contracts in a non-tender procedure, which will certainly increase flexibility in future cooperation with CERN.




This Polish company is a valued partner for the best space companies and space agencies, including the European Space Agency. They provide advanced control and measurement systems for research institutes and technology startups around the world. They also offer geospatial data processing services and support for operations using unmanned aerial vehicles. Customers from the aerospace, automotive and medical industries use assembly services for electronic devices. Regardless of the customer's needs, Creotech provides innovative, personalized solutions.


It is a great evidence that Polish innovation has a chance to be at the forefront of global technology. If you wish to observe how Polish technical thought affects the shape of global science, it is worth following the activities of Creotech Instruments S.A.!

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Project funding: the project entitled. "Great Science for Polish Innovation," project registration number: NdS/543816/2022/2022 funded by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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